GP Appointments

You can book for a GP appointment up to 10 days in advance by calling us on the numbers provided below for non-urgent consultations. Remember that the problem you have does not necessarily always need a GP appointment. Your local pharmacy also offers a minor ailment service and may be able to issue you a prescription without you needing to see a GP at all. For more information on the kind of things that can be treated, please go to:

If you have an urgent problem and need to be seen the same day, please phone as close to 8.30 as possible. In order to reduce the number of people coming in the surgery the reception staff will offer you a phone consultation in the first instance, we cannot always guarantee that there will be an exact time that the GP calls you, but we can specify morning or afternoon, if the GP thinks that you need to be assessed for a face-to-face consultation, they will provide you with a time to come in and see them on the same day.

Surgery Phone Numbers

Nithsdale Surgery

Please call on: 0141 424 1831

Merryvale Surgery

Please call on: 0141 633 2486                                               

Text message reminders

We are using a text message service to remind patients about an upcoming appointment, this service is only for patients who have been booked in for a face-to-face appointment. You are also able to text us back to cancel an appointment if you are unable to make it.

Please ensure that we have an up-to-date mobile number on file for you to take advantage of this service.

This is an implied consent service so all patients will be automatically opted in but if you would rather not receive texts, just contact the surgery, and let us know.

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